Paying Forward
The market accepts FMNP Checks (WIC & Senior) & FVC.  Be sure to visit our Double Your Dollars page!

Market Food Donations
The market donates unsold produce to local food pantries.

Market Sponsored Community Booth
A market sponsored booth space is available for use by market approved groups i.e., girl scouts, high schools sales, and church sales, etc., with a simple $25 seasonal application fee and no weekly stall fee, .

Young Entrepreneurs Program
Young people ages 12 to 18 who submit a business plan and are a fit for the market, may be eligible to receive sponsorship from the market to start their businesses at the market.   Drop us an email below for information on the guidelines.  Our YEP was inspired by the Young Entrepreneurs Program at the Potomac Village Farmers’ Market.  This program operates and is run strictly at the discretion of the market.  Click here for program guidelines.

Community Fun for All Ages

Raffles and Prizes each Saturday

Corn on the cob eating contest – 3 minutes

Apple and pear sampling day in the fall

Recycling and Composting

Growing Soul dot Org will be our composting and recycling partner throughout the season.

Volunteer Opportunities

*** We are looking for local family friendly talent in the performing arts, comedy, Steppers, etc to perform each Saturday.

*** We are seeking physicians, nurses and massage therapists to be a part of our wellness tent next Spring 2012.


We are seeking donations of a portable stage, a PA system and an old van for our performance stage. Please contact us to donate.



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