Our market is located in Silver Spring, one of Maryland’s premier communities.  We are in the East County Area, the fourth, most densely populated area of Montgomery County.  Our neighbors are educated, savvy, and expect high quality products that exceed local government standards for freshness, quality and value.

The immediate half-mile radius of our market location is home to mostly Urban Sophisticates, Artsy/funky, Bikeable/walkable.

The entire East County Area of Silver Spring is made up of the Colesville, Patuxent, Cloverly and Fairland  neighborhoods.  Here is an overview of the Area.

AGE & LIFESTYLE mostly Families with children (family households with school-aged children), some Mixed ages, some Young singles-upwardly mobile (young, educated, professionally employed, and single), some Seniors (people 65 and over), some College students (people currently attending college)

EDUCATION LEVEL Rating: 10 (5 is average for the U.S., 10 is most educated)

INCOME Upper middle income (well-above average income for America)

OCCUPATIONS mostly Executive, managerial & professional, some Sales & Service workers, some Clerical, assistants & technical support, some Government employees, some Manufacturing & Laborers.

LANGUAGES mostly English speaking, some Spanish speaking, some French speaking, some Italian speaking, some Portuguese speaking, and some Russian.

ETHNICITY/ANCESTRY mostly White (non-Hispanic), some Black, some East Asian, some Irish ancestry, some Hispanic, some Asian Indian, some Italian ancestry and some Arabian.  Source: Location, Inc.


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